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The Age of Information has ended…

By September 21, 2020Uncategorized

Here is a very interesting article that I read today in “Teach it Forward” by Platform University. This is what makes More than Meets the Eye valuable and timely. Information plus experience equals insight! That is what I hope to provide in More than Meets the Eye.

The Age of Information has ended. It may take some time for most people to realize that, but the end has been coming for some time.

Like all stages or “ages” of mankind, change happens around innovation. As computers and internet use spread throughout the 1970s and 1980s, most limits to information access disappeared.

The promise of unlimited access to anything you want to know about any topic in the world was exciting when the Age of Information began, but excitement turned to overwhelm once euphoria wore off.

As functioning humans in the 21st century we’ve learned to filter out and ignore hundreds of notifications, reminders, ads, and announcements every day.

As individuals and organizations drown in data, they increasingly look to topical experts to make some sense of the available information, and provide simple-to-understand insight

Information + Experience = Insight

More and more, we seek out expert personalities we trust on topics we care about to understand the world around us.

Because of the nearly unlimited access to information that came with the internet, a generation of armchair philosophers took to social media with self-educated analysis of what to do with the world.

Over time, that’s become less palatable as more and more people tune out the noise to tune into the specialist, guru, or trusted authority on whatever topic is in question at the time.

According to the World Economic Forum it was COVID-19 and the Great Reset of the global economy that “ended the Information Era and ushered in the Age of Insight.”

With this new era, there is a growing demand for expert insight, not just information but interpretation from trusted professionals.

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