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Killing Christians…is it the New Normal?

Killing Christians…The New Normal?

I am increasingly concerned about the increased pace of inter-religion murders, and that its all it is, it is murder. There is nothing noble, nothing just or any thing honorable about the killings that are happening, in the world, whether in the name of Muhammad or in Jesus. They are simply murder.

A little over a month ago in March 15th a lone shooter entered a Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand and murdered 49 people. It was an atrocious and cowardice act. The world reacted in horror, an appropriate response. It never should have happened. Many lives will be impacted…forever.

Headlines on CNN today?… “Death toll in Sri Lanka Easter attacks lowered by more than 100” Cautioned and prescribed outrage spiced with no small amount of contempt that it be reported at higher than it was. No global memorial services of grief over the murders….just a very measured response of “too bad.”

It want to be careful to not jump on the band-wagon of recriminations over the lack of passionate reporting by the mainstream media. But killing Christians is not as interesting a story as killing muslims and being able to infiltrate he story with hints of islamophobia and racism.

Mostly, I am just pointing out a reality. If all your news came from the mainstream media, one could easily conclude that killing Muslims is horrific, Killing Christians….well, they had it coming. This narrative is not entirely surprising. It has been brewing for a while. Some of it we have brought on our selves. Some of it was prophecies hundreds, even thousands of years ago. Most of it is completely unwarranted. Killing a woman or child while they are worshipping can hardly be linked to any nefarious ideology.

We as Christians are going to have to extend the first olive branch. Those of us who are genuine followers of Jesus Christ as taught in the Holy Bible will respond with love every time. We will be the first to forgive and we will be the first to jump into the fray to serve, heal and give. Let’s remind ourselves continually that Jesus taught us that the greatest commandment of our faith is to love God with all our hearts, strength and mind and to love our neighbors as ourselves. If we will walk in this kind of light, they may not stop killing us, but they will know we are Christian by our love and our Father will say to us one day, “well done my good and faithful servant.”

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