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David Weston

Founder & Chief Author

Mr. Weston and team’s heuristic problem-solving expertise spans all major domains, including physical security, personnel security, cyber security, emergency management, business intelligence, political, economic, social, education, and humanitarian. Today, in a world as complex as ever before, having a partner who can help you protect your investments through strategic and tactical security planning, risk mitigation, the brokering and maintenance of trusted relationships, and response is of prime importance.

With over 30 years of global business, military, government, humanitarian, and academic experience, Mr. Weston has led complex, high-stakes initiatives throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. He has been instrumental in the planning, implementation and operational management of cost-effective solutions to mitigate and prevent security breaches in many high-risk sectors of the world.

Spending seven years on active duty as a Combat Arms officer and 13 years as a reserve officer in both the US Cavalry and Military Intelligence, Mr. Weston is an Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veteran. Additionally, he served as the Tennessee State Battle Captain in charge of the State Emergency Management Center, linking the National Guard, the Tennessee Governor’s Office, and the Governor’s Chief of TEMA. Mr. Weston earned a Master of Science degree in Global Security Studies with a concentration in Terrorism from American Military University and conducted Doctoral studies at Indiana University in Uralic and Altaic Studies.

David started More Than Meets The Eye with three promises that remain true today and guide all our coverage:

  • I will transparently document my research.
  • I will mine for information beyond the mainstream media’s realm of influence.
  • I will seek to tell you the truth.

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