Cross Roads

By August 11, 2020The Weekly
“More Than Meets the Eye” Reader,

This week marks the three year anniversary of my regular writings of “More than Meets the Eye.” I have provided analysis and commentary without fail every week for three years.
We have moved through several iterations of the Weekly articles. The format has been consistent, and global security concerns remain the same: “dire.”
Those of us at MTMTE have gone from offering paid subscriptions to donation-based/ free subscriptions.  Based on feedback we have received, we believe that, to date, this has been a rewarding journey for many of you each week, as we have taken a deeper look at what is happening in the world, without a deep conspiracy agenda or venom. 

I plan to take the next few weeks off from writing, as my wife and I celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary this month. During this time my team and I will also re-look at how MTMTE is doing overall. We will re-evaluate the format, seek counsel for the future, and reassess our approach.
I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day, coming up soon.


David C. Weston
Senior Analyst

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