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“My enemy’s enemy’s friend’s enemy who was my friend is my enemy until he isn’t.” Afghan Warlord Proverb

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Winston Churchill

“responsible, deliberate, and safe.” President Joe Biden on Afghanistan Withdrawal

This past week has seen a deluge of Afghan people fleeing the ravaging horde of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Few things describe the unfolding of events more than “more than meets the eye.” There are so many actors on this stage, actors that would surprise each of us as this continues to play out in ways that are beyond my imagination. Each day a new surprise pokes its head above the horizon. I have found myself scratching, my head a lot this week as I have contemplated the rapidly developing situation.

The hardest part for me to understand is carelessness towards people that seems to loom large over this humanitarian crisis. I know we like to think of ourselves as always the good guys, but when all is said done and as the truth begins to unfold in the very near future, we will all stand embarrassed by how our government and our allies have casually stood by and often engaged in acts that have put the lives of American citizens, Allies and the Afghan people in grave jeopardy. 

I am rarely surprised by what governments do, but currently, global players are engaging in activities that are at best barbaric in their very nature and form. Many people are being dragged from their homes, hunted down, murdered on the street to be made an example of, and families torn apart by the Taliban fighters. If this is not viewed as acts of human atrocity by The Hague and the World court the world will become a lawless place with no standard of human civility ever again.

I am going to reserve my writing again this week as I am deeply involved in many things surrounding the unfolding events in Afghanistan and I will have much more to say in the coming weeks uncovering exactly what is happening in this remote part of the world we call Afghanistan.


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