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I apologize that this week’s “More than Meets the Eye” will be exceptionally abbreviated. I have been working with several groups on the situation in Afghanistan and it is perhaps one of the more chaotic things I have ever seen.

I will make one statement about the situation there and then I will share a video that I discovered that explains how it ended up this way better than any other than I have seen.

My statement? There is certainly more than meets the eye to all that is happening in Afghanistan today. A solution of expediency to the Afghanistan situation was used rather than excellence and a commitment to the dignity of mankind. The depravity of man seems to be the soup de jure at all levels of this catastrophe.

I hope to be back next week with a full edition of “More than Meets the Eye.”

Take a look at this video that I discovered that no one else is talking about, but it makes a lot of sense.

We Knew This Would Happen in Afghanistan, and We Had a Strategy to Prevent It…

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